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21 products

MYLE, an easy-to use device, is for adult smokers looking to quit smoking regular cigarettes. MYLE pods are filled with salt nicotine liquid. Each pod comes with its own spiral coil. You don't have any to do for product installation or service. MYLE can be charged by a micro USB charger. It takes around 30 minutes to charge fully.

How to properly use MYLE

Low puffs, also known as cigarette-type puffs, are best. The best device will give you enough nicotine strength and steam. Sometimes you will need to inhale harder after installing a MYLE pod Dubai. MYLE suggests that you don't inhale very hard to avoid liquid entering the vape chamber. It is not recommended that you bite down or squeeze the mouthpiece. This can lead to the pod leaking or liquid entering the chamber. The MYLE pod should not be installed using high pressure. The MYLE has stopped charging. Check that the charger has power. Make sure the charger is connected to the power source. Before you contact the Vape Shop Dubai support team, make sure to clean the contacts and the chargers with a dry or wet swab.